Structural 2D Drafting & Documentation

Rightserve specializes in providing professional drafting services for Structural Engineers across the globe. We provide accurate, clear and concise structural drawings adopting your current drafting standards and procedures. We do all type of structural drafting ranging from composite, steel, timber and reinforced structures. We have an experienced team of well-trained Structural Engineers and Structural CAD Drafters who are able to handle all kinds of structural engineering projects. Our staff have spent thousands of hours creating detailed precision drawings of the structural components in projects ranging from complex structural systems for new structures, to restoration and adaptation of existing structures.

We provide accurate structural drawings based on architectural plans and your design/specifications and we follow the standards as per client's requirement for text style, dimension style and layers.

Our Structural drafting services include

  • Drafting plans from scratch, client sketches, hard copy drawings or other provided documentation sources
  • Creating sections , details and typical details
  • Preparing schedules based on the design
  • Setting up general notes
  • Coordination with architectural drawings, mep drawings, engineering design, details, and schedules
  • Preparation of full sets for permitting and construction drawings
  • Preparation of “As Built” Drawings from the marked up copies of construction drawings
  • Conversion of Raster Drawings (PDF, TIFF etc.) to AutoCAD

CAD Support & Standards

Rightserve has assisted many organizations in defining, documenting and executing CAD standards in the drafting office. Developing CAD Standards for your company is the quickest way to increase overall CAD productivity and it reduces the risk of delivering inaccurate designs. Development of standard pen settings, layers, text settings, etc. can be critical for successful drawing creation in a multi-user environment. Integration of CAD standards into the CAD interface, combined with complete documentation is the best way to achieve drawing consistency, eliminate needless setup time and manual checking processes. Developing CAD standards is not an easy task, but by partnering with Rightserve, you can be assured that the process will be swift and effective. We also offer a CAD support service which can help you with day to day issues such as layer management, plot styles, title blocks and Xrefs.

Services From Structural


    Design and analysis of residential commercial and industrial structures(R.C.C /Rebar, Structural Steel, Timber)

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    We generate accurate Structural BIM models with parametric families from Schematic Designs and construction drawings. Our Structural BIM Models combines advanced design and analysis capabilities.

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  • Rebar 3D BIM
    Modeling & Detailing

    We were one of the first engineering firms in India to implement 3D Rebar Modeling & Detailing services back in 2013 using Tekla Cast-in-place.

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  • Rebar
    2D Detailing

    Reinforced concrete detailing and scheduling in different format required by various codes of practices.

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    We provide accurate, clear and concise structural drawings for Structural Engineers. We adopt your current drafting standards and procedures to produce consistent drawings based on your previous company documentation.

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    Point cloud to accurate Structural BIM models for as-built purposes as well as for retrofit, refurbishment and renovation projects.

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Other services from MEP


    Utilizing the available CAD entities in association with parametric modeling and the scope of visual programming scripts, we build Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing elements of a building in a digital space with all the data needed for the technical communication.

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  • BIM

    We do energy modeling and generate building performance information which supports design process to achieve sustainability goals.

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  • Clash Detection
    & Coordination

    Being the crucial part, we utilize all the possibilities of modeling to achieve effective Spatial coordination & collision control of MEP within and with other services.

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  • Mep Shop
    Drawings - Spool Drawings

    We cater the fabrication industry by transferring data from BIM model to the preferred 2D platform.

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    We provide accurate as built BIM modeling and CAD drafting services for MEP systems based on data from Measured Building Surveys and 3D Point Cloud data.

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    We are in pursuit of enhanced modeling techniques by incorporating the advantage of visual programming techniques using Dynamo.

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    We provide premium quality BIM Contents for Design firms and Building product Manufacturers.

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