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  • How do we start?

    If you are new customer and willing to check our quality and turnaround time please try us with a trail job free of cost. After the evaluation of the trial work you can decide whether you want to outsource the entire project to us.

    The initial steps are to send us the following:

    • Scope of work
    • Sketch /Reference sample/PDF file/ AutoCAD file
    • Required Turnaround Time
  • How do I send you the project files?

    Our email system can handle files up to 20Mb. If the size of the files exceeds this you can also send a Dropbox, Google Drive link or link to any of the cloud storage websites consisting of the project documents. You can also use FTP.

  • How small or large a project can you undertake?

    It is not the size of the work but it's the regularity of the work that is important and no Job is too big or too small for us . It takes a little time for our team to understand each specific clients way of working and develop an understanding that is critical for long-term relationship. Having said that, we also work on one time projects.

  • Will we be able to communicate due to the different time zones?

    Since most of the communication we practice is via email, the time zone difference causes no problems at all . In cases when the clients are US based it is easy to establish a very productive workflow when they contact us at the end of their work day, which is the start of ours. This way the projects are in constant progress 24/7.

  • Will you be able to work on our templates and based on our standards?

    Yes. We have experience in adapting to clients standards, techniques and working habits. We can work on a standard template or on templates provided by the client.

  • What kind of turnaround time can be expected?

    The turnaround time depends totally on the project as well as the output required. We can also work on short deadlines if required. We can usually complete AutoCAD 2D packages within 24 hours.

    BIM services we can usually make an immediate start and provide a fixed completion date with initial quotation.

  • Can I get the same staff to work on all of my projects?

    We normally deploy the same staff for all your projects to ensure consistency and minimize questions and the same team is available for all your projects. It will be easy for companies to work with the same team as they are trained in BIM/ CAD standards and drafting styles followed by companies.

  • Does your team handle both metric and imperial units?

    Yes. We have years of practice working in the metric system since it is our local unit system. The bigger part of our clients are US based, so we have experience in drafting and modeling in imperial units.

  • How can I be assured of high quality in my project?

    We have a specially designed workflow for quality assurance and each project team complies with strict quality assurance measures . All works are thoroughly checked by our Q.A Team prior to submission to clients. You can test and verify the quality of our work throughout the course of the project.

  • Are your employees experienced, certified and qualified?

    At Rightserve, we firmly believe in delivering quality services, so we hire only the best people. All our employees hold bachelor's or master's degrees from reputed institutions, and have a minimum 4 years of experience. For services that require a particular skill or expertise in software, we ensure that we hire certified candidates who have undergone specific and relevant training. Our employees constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge through in-house trainings , seminars and meetings.

  • What is our confidentiality policy?

    We understand our client’s concerns regarding confidentiality. We do not publish the names of our client or their projects, without obtaining your prior approval in writing. All data provided by the client will be kept confidential and will be the property of the client. If requested by the client, we have no issues signing a non-disclosure agreement for any project. All our employees signs a non disclosure agreement before joining.

  • How do you ensure security of data?

    Your data is safe in our hands, and is always available to you on request. Our network is well protected with hardware firewalls and updated anti-virus software. Systems do not have external storage devices like floppy/CD drives/USB ports, etc. All our systems and e-mails are password protected. The data is backed up at regular intervals. We also ensure that at no time files belonging to the client are taken out of the office premises.

  • Why Rightserve? What differentiates you from others ?

    First, we are not agents – the ones who accept projects from clients and then in-turn outsource to another company. We have our own engineering office and we control the quality of the people we hire, the processes and every small detail that matters. Secondly, we have 13 years of experience in working on hundreds of projects and we have developed time-tested work processes to make outsourcing really work for you. Lastly, most firms work with large firms only – At rightserve, we work with a wide range of sizes of companies (1 Person Company to companies with hundreds of employees).

  • How long have you been in business?

    Rightserve has been in business since 2005 and over the years, we have worked with a number of clients across the globe.

  • Can you provide me with references of existing clients?

    We maintain strict non-disclosure agreements with all of our customers and hence contractually, we are not allowed to publish our client list.

  • What modes of payment do you accept?

    Once the project is completed and you are satisfied with the results, you can pay us either by bank wire transfer or by paypal.

  • Are there any set-up fees or down payments?

    No. To start working with us you do not have to pay anything in advance. We charge after the work is done and not before.

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